Summary of Beliefs

We Believe…

That there is but one true living God who is eternally sovereign over all things. We acknowledge a personal and loving God who is the complete and sustaining source of all life.

We Believe…

That God is present in three separate and distinct Persons and simultaneously exists as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

We Accept…

The Bible as the perfect and infallible Word of God and trust that it is fully inspired by the Holy Spirit. We believe in the Old and New Testaments as true authorities over all matters of doctrine.

We Acknowledge…

The Bible as being abundantly able to guide and support us throughout the living of our daily lives. No other writing is equal to God’s Word.

We Trust…

In the Lord Jesus Christ as the only eternal, Son of God. We accept that Christ is fully God and conceived by the Holy Spirit. While on earth, Christ was both totally sinless and Holy.

We Believe…

That through salvation man is brought into a complete and acceptable spiritual relationship with God, possible only through God’s eternal grace.

We Believe…

That man was created in God’s image and since the fall is both totally depraved and sinful. We accept man as having no hope of eternal salvation other than through a complete faith in Jesus Christ as his Personal Savior. We receive Christ’s voluntary death on the cross as being total payment for all sin.

We Acknowledge…

Christ as the unconditional head of the universal church and the sole mediator between God and man. We look forward to Christ’s return for His church.

We Believe…

That the purpose of the local church is: to worship, to evangelize, to disciple and at the same time testify to the complete and perfect Kingship of our loving Savior!

Service Time

Sunday Morning: 10:30AM

Sunday Bible School:


Stonybank Community Church
35 Stoneybank Road
Glen Mills, PA 19342


Phone: 610-459-1827
Fax: 610-358-3720